Brandon + Stacy | Sanford, Fl

We met Brandon and Stacy about two years ago at our church. Since the day we met, we made a special connection with them. They are one of our favorite couples to hang out with! When we met them they were just boyfriend and girlfriend and honestly we couldn’t wait for Brandon to pop the question. Brandon spoke to Martin about his proposing plan, while Stacy said to me, “I think he is going to propose!!!”. Martin and I ran to each other, we couldn’t allow Brandon to propose while Stacy had an idea about it.  So, Martin helped Brandon with another plan, while I was trying to take Stacy’s mind off her assumptions. A few weeks later, we all went to Boardwalk with a couple of friends, he was ready to pop the question! With the ring in his pocket, we walked around for about an hour looking for the special and random spot for him to get on his knees. Finally, HE DID IT! It was such a special moment and we had to capture the moment. We not only captured him proposing to her, but also their engagement session. Here it is…




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  1. Stacy says:

    Wow are so blessed to have Meri and Martin. They have captured all of our beautiful moments together. We love their pictures. We love you guys thank you for everything and for all that’s yet to come next.

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