Andy + Mariela | Wedding

First off, we were so amazed by all the beautiful details of Mariela and Andy’s wedding. It was truly Mariela’s dream wedding; the wedding she always imagined and desired. She did not see her wedding as just another event in their lives, but an encounter that was going to change her life forever! I met Mariela in our dance team at church about 6 years ago. Knowing that she was getting married to Andy was so exciting! When we met Andy for the first time, we knew she was designed just for him. They are truly an amazing couple, filled with purpose, joy, and a wonderful future.

The wedding was “Unlock the Garden” theme. It was all beautiful, filled with flowers and rustic details. Mariela wore her smile at all times, she was so excited and filled with joy. Andy was thrilled and extremely happy to see her walk down the aisle. We enjoyed every single second of their wedding. Our favorite moment was the little time we had them all to ourselves, to take their bride and groom portraits! We enjoyed seeing how much affection and love they have for each other. How natural they were in front of our cameras and how comfortable they were with us. We had such a great time! Mariela and Andy, we love you two together!



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