Erica + Olvin | Clermont, Fl


It’s Labor Day! And even though we had plans, we decided to stay home with our two dogs and rest. But resting also means blogging! (YAY!).

Before I tell you a little something about their wedding, let me start off by saying that, that morning I woke up with a cold and a bad toothache, so I had to put my big girl pants on. I loaded myself with medicine, vitamin C, and a good breakfast made by my wonderful husband! We grabbed our equipment and out the door, we went!

On August 27th, Erica and Olvin tied the knot! We were so excited because they did a first look! (A first look, is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Martin and I LOVE first looks!) Erica and Olvin’s first look was so special! Their reactions were priceless, they cried and laughed at the same time. They hugged, cleaned their tears, and said some sweet words to each other. Martin and I were just filled with joy to see them enjoying their moment! After the first look, we took some bride and groom portraits. Right after, we headed to the ceremony. Despite the random rain right before the ceremony, we went with plan B and everything else just fell right into place. Something that caught my attention and I loved about Erica is that even though some things did not go as planned, she had a huge smile the entire night, nothing or anyone was taking that smile away from her face. Olvin and Erica had the cutest cake table and centerpieces! Her bouquet and accessories were beautiful. Thank you, Erica and Olvin for making us part of your special day! Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Velasquez!!!


Olvin surprised Erica with a beautiful MK bracelet!



On a wedding day, I will put my camera down and help the bride in any area! Even if its to be the makeup artist and hair stylist!


Not bad for my first time, right?!
She looked flawless!


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