Eva + Jacob | Wedding Anniversary

Before I start telling you a bit about this session, I want to give you a little background about Eva and I. We met eight years ago at our church. In those eight years, our friendship has gone through some patches that have shaped our characters. When I met Eva, I had no idea that we were going to build an incredible friendship. A friendship that consisted of sleepovers, dance practices, talking all night about just anything, trying new things together, shopping, family gatherings, birthday parties, junior ring ceremonies, heart breaks, studying, sharing secrets, prom, graduations, getting engaged, and getting married to the love of our lives. Even though, our friendship as matured so much, we still have our silly moments remembering all the immature and teenage things that built our friendship.

Eva and Jacob met at FIU, where years later they had their engagement pictures! (Such a cute idea) Their engagement pictures were so beautiful! So Martin and I were determined to take some “killer shots” in their anniversary session! Eva and Jacob live in Ft. Lauderdale, so they drove to Orlando during Labor Day weekend to do their anniversary session. And we were just so excited to spend some time with them! During Labor Day weekend, there was a tropical storm! And I was so nervous that the weather was going to ruin our session, yet Martin had this whole plan B! We were so determined to do this session, that we were even going to shoot in the rain! We weren’t going to let the rain stop us! The morning of the session rained and I was a little sad! But randomly the sun came out and we had an amazing lighting! This crazy Florida weather, right?!
Well, let me stop talking (sometimes I talk too much lol) and let you enjoy our sweet friends!

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