Diego + Fatima | St. Cloud, Fl

Usually my wife writes the blogs, but for this one I have to do it! I am an only child, so growing up I did not know what it was to share a room, share my toys, share my food (I actually don’t like to share food hahaha) ok, back to serious… About four years ago, Dieguito’s family had to go back to Colombia, he stayed here and so Dieguito moved in with my family and I. That’s where I learned what it was to share a room, to cover each other’s back, to come home and have someone my age to talk too. We built such a strong friendship in such little time. He became like a brother to me! I remember how we would always talk about our future wife’s, and when would that day come, and who would it be? (Yes girls, some guys do talk about things like that LOL). Little did we know that four years later, I would be married (to the girl I always wanted to marry) and we both were going to capture his special day with our cameras. Dieguito and Fatima, we are extremely happy for you both! Thank you so much for allowing us to play such an important role on your wedding day! We love you both!

Fatima and Diego decided to do something a little different. They wanted to get together and pray before the wedding, but Fatima didn’t want Diego to see her until the ceremony, so why not blind fold him?! I promise you, this was my FAVORITE part of their wedding.


When I walked in the reception and saw all of these beautiful and detailed decorations, I thought to myself  “This is exactly what Fatima wanted!”

Great job to Lorena Rivera and her team!

Are you ready to see these two cuties as husband and wife?!?!

These bridesmaids and groomsmen were on point!


First dance as Mr. and Mrs. Betancourt!

Father and daughter dance! Of course, I got super emotional!

Party Time!!!

They had the cutest photo booth!

Thank you Fatima and Diego for trusting us with your big day!



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