David + Bianca |Orlando, Fl

As we are waiting for hurricane Matthew to arrive to Central Florida, we decided to blog and show you some of our favorites from David and Bianca’s engagement session!

Bianca and David are high school sweethearts! They are the perfect couple, I promise! She is a nurse, he is a civil engineer and also a musician. During their session, we laughed so much, to the point that my stomach hurt and tears were coming out of my eyes. They were down to do anything, and we were so excited! As photographers we always pray for no rain. But for this one we wanted rain! And it rained! (YAY!). This was our first time shooting under the rain and let me tell you, it was quite an experience, but we enjoyed it to the fullest. To see our couple laughing, kissing, and enjoying their moment under the rain, made it all worth it. Bianca and David, we can’t wait for your wedding day!


Look at that ring!


Moments like these are our favorites!


Notebook moment!


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