Jacob + Ashley | Proposal

When Jacob contacted us, he shared with us his idea of doing a family photoshoot, but in the middle of the photoshoot he was going to get on his knees and pop the BIG QUESTION to Ashley!!! How sweet and original! We immediately said “Let’s do it!!!”

The day came and honestly I was pretty nervous for him! But so excited for her! She had no idea of what was going on! So this is how it happened…

Jacob and Ashley arrived to Boardwalk Disney along with their family, we began to position the family and take the family pictures. After some family portraits, I asked Jacob and Ashley to do a certain pose where her eyes were close, I gave Jacob the signal, he got on his knees with the ring, then I asked Ashley to turn around with her eyes still closed (this whole time she thinks I’m just guiding them to the next pose), then I asked her to open her eyes, she opened her eyes, sees him on his knees, and immediately she laughs and covers her face! It was the sweetest thing ever!!!



After the session, Ashley confessed to us that in the moment when I asked her to close her eyes and turn around she said to herself  “This is a weird pose” Hahaha, she had no idea what was going on!


Jacob and Ashley are perfect for each other!!! We are so excited for their engagement session and wedding day in March of 2017!

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