David + Bianca |Miami, Fl




I can’t believe this was our second to last wedding of the year! This year is really flying and the holidays are soon approaching, and of course I am so thrilled! I get so excited for this time of the year because we get to spend time with our family that lives in Miami, celebrate my birthday, Christmas, New Years, and listen to Christmas music 24/7! YAY!!!

On November 4th, we drove to Miami for David and Bianca’s wedding. We were so excited! Their wedding took place at her uncle’s beautiful house. For the time that Bianca was planning her wedding she referred to it as “my small wedding”, so the whole time we were expecting a “small wedding”. When we walked in her uncle’s backyard and saw all the beautiful centerpieces, the setup, the lighting, the canvas they printed out from their engagement session, and about 150 chairs, we said: “this is not a small wedding!” Everything was just oh so perfect! Including the weather. If you have an uncle with a beautiful backyard, who needs a venue, right?!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was seeing how much her family worked and helped in order to make their day so special and memorable. That’s one of the best parts of being a wedding photographer, we get to meet awesome and loving couples with great families! Congrats to the amazing couple and welcome to the beautiful journey of marriage!







Coming up next, my favorite part of a wedding! Bride and Groom portraits!


Before you keep scrolling, let me explain the image below… So, we always ask our couples to do something that represents them. Some couples just kiss or others twirl her around, but not Bianca and David. Right away when we asked them this, they looked at each other and did this…

dsc_0684Martin and I just laughed!!! We had so much fun with these two, we loved it!


David and Bianca, thank you both for giving us the privilege of being part of your special day! We love you and cherished every second spent with you both!



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