Figueroa Family

Martin and I were so excited for the Figueroa Family to be in front of our cameras! Other than the fact that they are a beautiful family, they are oh so dear to our hearts.  We can literally spend a whole day with Edwardo and Lilly and not get tired of telling stories, laughing, joking around, and of course, playing with Kamila and Kemuel!

You see, Edwardo and Lilly are the youth leaders at our church. They have been more than amazing not only with the youth group, but to us! When they were first given the task to be the youth leaders was such a random switch, but it was definitely a move from God. To be honest, I was so excited for this change, I didn’t even know why, but it felt right! They came to pastor the youth with the love of God, to shape things around, and to make good changes. We are so grateful for their lives, for their sacrifice, for their kind words and actions towards us, for always being open to our crazy ideas, for being true friends, and for always believing in us.

Edwardo, Lilly, Kemuel, and Kamila we love you guys like our own family! We appreciate every minute spent with you guys. Thank you for taking the difficult task of pastoring the youth and being a great example to us. We love you guys!


I can’t get enough of her cuteness!


SOOOOO handsome!


Our little assistants were so helpful! haha!

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