Cruz Family

Family sessions are always fun! But this family was very different compared to the other families we’ve photographed. A couple of months ago, Alexis contacted us asking for a photoshoot because her brother Danny was coming from the Army. Alexis took the time to gather all of her siblings and prepare them for the session. The day of the session, we were so excited to be around such fun and loving family. They couldn’t stop laughing and enjoying their time together! We loved it!

A few days after the session we sent Alexis a few sneak peaks of the session, for Christmas they showed their parents the images (Alexis wanted to surprise their parents, they didn’t know that Alexis gathered all the siblings together for a photoshoot). They posted the video of their reaction on Facebook and it was the sweetest thing ever!

Thank you Alexis and family for letting us be part of such special moment. Here are a few of our favorites…


This is Tays, Danny’s wife! 


Such a great couple!





Daniel, thank you for your service to our country! 

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