Ashley + Jacob | Engagement

Ashley and Jacob aren’t new to our blog! Remember the proposal we blogged about a few months ago? Well, this time they were in front of our cameras but for their engagement session.  Martin and I were so thrilled (like always lol) to spend some time with the sweet couple! We were so excited to have them in front of our cameras once again.

But before you scroll down and see the photos, let me tell you how Ashley and Jacob were such champs!!! A few months ago when we agreed to do their engagement session January 7th, we never thought that it’ll be freezing! Well, guess what? January 7th it was the coldest day in Orlando (or it felt like it), but of course we weren’t going to postpone the session so we just had to gear up! I was wearing boots, three sweaters, and a scarf! It was so cold and the wind blowing felt like ice bullets. The good thing about that ice cold wind was that it made Ashley’s hair look even more stunning. Ashely and Jacob pulled through, we were all so cold, our fingers were frozen; but their sweetness and innocent love was reflected in every image! Here are a few of our favorite moments…


Ashley and Jacob, thank you so much for giving us the privilege of capturing one of the most special moments of your life! We can’t wait for the wedding!

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