Samantha + Bryan| The Acre Orlando

Sam and Bryan are so dear to our hearts and we couldn’t wait for them to get married. We have known Sam and Bryan for about two years now, and ever since we met them we have learned to cherish their friendship and every minute they spend with us. Sam and Bryan are those people that no matter what they are doing they will leave everything behind just to go help you out. Their hearts are so selfless and truly filled with the love of Jesus. Sam is just that person you can call and literally talk for hours! She is filled with stories, she can write a book, haha! Sam has been such a great friend to me for the little time we’ve known each other, always supportive, and honestly my “to go too friend”. Sam is the one friend I can make eye contact with across the room and she already knows what I’m talking about! lol! Samantha thank you for the amazing heart you have and for always being there for me and Martin!

Their wedding day was just perfect! The ceremony and reception were outside and the weather was just magnificent! Their wedding was so beautiful and truly made us all cry. While they were exchanging their vows I had tears all over my camera. I’m telling you, they made everyone cry! One of my favorite things in their wedding was the fact that Samantha’s family were on top of everything. They were decorating and helping on everything they could. Her family put so much effort into all the details of the wedding and that’s what made it more of a special wedding, everything was being done out of love. I also loved Sam’s huge smile knowing that she was about to marry the love of her life and that nothing could ruin this day. This was the special day that the Lord had made for them to become one and begin a new journey filled with love, happiness, peace, kindness, and purpose.

Congratulations Sam and Bryan, we love you guys so much! We are extremely proud of you two! Thanks for letting us capture one of the best days of your life! Here are a few of our favorites…


Sam is so silly! LOL


Sam and Bryan wanted to pray before the ceremony. So they decided to do a blind look. I couldn’t hold my tears back! It was the sweetest moment ever!


Ugh! I’m crying again!



Bryan+Sam-75Bryan+Sam 2Bryan+Sam-78Bryan+Sam-79Bryan+Sam-80Bryan+Sam-81Bryan+Sam-83Bryan+Sam-84Bryan+Sam-90Bryan+Sam-87Bryan+Sam-86Bryan+Sam-88Bryan+Sam-89Bryan+Sam-91Bryan+Sam-92Bryan+Sam-93Bryan+Sam-95Bryan+Sam-97Bryan+Sam-98Bryan+Sam-2Bryan+Sam-100

I can’t get enough of this bouquet! Sam’s mom put it all together!


Samantha and Bryan we love you guys so much! Thank you for letting us be part of the most important day of your life! Cheers to many more years of friendship and memories!

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