Mailen + Jonny | Key Biscayne, Fl 

I am extremely excited to be blogging this session, when you scroll down, you’ll see why! Mailen and Jonny are from Miami, we met with them at Key Biscayne for their engagement session! On our way to Miami from Orlando, we couldn’t contain our excitement and literally that’s all we talked about in the car driving over there! Mailen was also extremely excited, she brought such cute props and outfits. But the outfits, the cute props, and the amazing location didn’t make this session as special, as the sweet couple did. Mailen and Jonny made this session beyond perfect, their smiles, love for each other, and amazing way of being made us feel like we have known them for years, when in reality we had just met! For the two hours we were with them, we laughed so much and got to know each other a little more!

Mailen and Jonny are having a destination wedding. The wedding will be in Playa Mujeres, Mexico! And guess who’s going with them?! 😉 We are more than excited! Not only because we get to go to Mexico, but because we get to be with them once again and spend one of the most important days of their life together!

Jonny and Mailen, you guys are an amazing couple! Thanks for giving us the privilege of being with you both on your wedding day, we are extremely grateful!

Here are some of our favorites… (Try not to melt)


I am melting! They are PERFECT!


Her dress!!! So beautiful!


She is so beautiful!
Aren’t their smiles magazine type?! I think so! 


Let’s all give Jonny a strong round of applause for picking such a beautiful ring!


Sun was quickly going down, but we just couldn’t end the session!


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