Ulloa Family| Family Portraits

The Ulloa family came from Miami to celebrate Sophia’s birthday in Disney! While they were here, they wanted us to capture some family portraits. We met in Boardwalk Disney early on a Saturday morning. Even though the session was at eight in the morning, they were all dressed so nicely! Loved it! While having a great time and taking some pictures of the lovely family, I thought of how important family is, how at the end of the day family is what God has giving us to cherish and value the most, and how family time is so valuable and cannot be taken for granted. Now a days, we go to a restaurant and we see the children and the parents on their phones or iPads not interacting or bonding physically, emotionally, or verbally; and sadly we find this so common now.

I remember growing up Saturdays and Sundays after church were dedicated to my family, whether we were at home doing nothing or we were at an amusement park, I knew that the time I was spending with my family was sacred.  One of my favorite childhood memories was game night on Saturday nights. I remember my parents not answering their phone and fully focused on my siblings and I. You see, my parents were business owners, and the business they had require a lot of time, but they never put the excuse of being business owners not to spend time with us and show us love and the right path in life. I am extremely grateful for the family God has given me, for having parents like Sophias’, that found the time to celebrate her birthday and honor her on such special day! Thank you Ulloa family for reminding me what a blessing it is to have the family I have and to never dull a moment with them!


Cuties! She loves to pose!



Happy Birthday Sophia!


Look at his outfit!!! So handsome!


Ulloa family, thank you for trusting us with your family portraits and for making us part of Sophia’s birthday celebration!

-Meri and Martin

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  1. beautiful! – such great use of such great light!


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