Ariana + Joseph| Engagement

Ariana and Joseph are perfect for each other and when I say perfect, I truly mean perfect! They are two love birds walking on cloud 9! Their love and sweetness is so contagious. The way he held her and looked at her while he played with her hair, the way she giggled just by looking at him, and the way she would flirt with him with her simple look; was just so heart melting!

When we first met Ariana and Joseph about two weeks ago, they told us that they were a little camera shy and did not post much on social media. But during their engagement session, we barely had to guide them, they were so natural at posing and being themselves in front of our cameras! We are convince modeling is their part time job (hahaha) …. that’s how perfect they are! We love these two and we are more than excited for their wedding in September! Here was a few of our favorites…
Thank you Ariana and Joseph for allowing us to capture this special moment. We are more than excited to witness your big day!
-Meri and Martin

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