La Zucre Cake Boutique

This blog is a little different than the rest, but no less special!

La Zucre Cake Boutique is doing their grand opening next month and for that, the owners wanted to fill up the place with beautiful photography canvas of their work! Of course, we loved the idea! This cake boutique is very special because the owners are two hard working women, Lorena and Zully. They areĀ filled with many hopes and dreams and have been working so hard for the passed few months to be where they are now.

Martin and I have known Lorena for some years actually, she was our wedding coordinator and we couldn’t have been happier with her work! Her sweetness, tenderness, unconditional attention, and love for what she does glows above all this. We met Zully through her cakes, she was the baker for some of the cakes and cupcakes for some of the weddings we’ve shot! Every time we would taste the cakes we would be amazed by the amazing taste and beautiful look! Little did we know, is that one day Lorena and Zully would one day open a cake boutique! So exciting!!!

When we got there, I started off with their make up! They both looked oh so pretty! We were all very excited! Afterwards, we began to set everything up! and the shoot began…

DSC_2098DSC_2089DSC_2096DSC_2137DSC_2212DSC_2230DSC_2466DSC_2387DSC_2435DSC_2441DSC_7769DSC_7785DSC_7768DSC_7752DSC_2163DSC_2478DSC_7877-2DSC_7870-2DSC_7873-2DSC_2471DSC_2474DSC_7872-2DSC_7865DSC_2375DSC_2368DSC_2359DSC_2200DSC_2322DSC_7829DSC_7805DSC_2504DSC_2263DSC_2483DSC_2245DSC_2287DSC_2502Thank you Lorena and Zully for giving us this wonderful opportunity! We are so excited for you both, to see you grow and flourish even more! We love you and your cakes!

-Meri and Martin

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