Alejandra | Sweet Sixteen

A few weeks ago we had the great privilege of being the photographers and videographers of Alejandra’s BIG 16th birthday! I’ve attended and actually had my own “quinceanera”, but never attended one like this one! Alejandra and her family are from the beautiful country of Panama. Their roots and culture are very dear to their hearts and celebrating Alejandra’s 16th birthday the Panamanian traditional way was a MUST!

Alejandra did not have the usual princess like gown, but she had her own princess gown straight from Panama, hand-made!!! Her dress took a year to be made and every piece of jewelry she had on was real heavy gold! I was truly amazed! Throughout the party Alejandra had a huge smile, enjoying every second of it with her family and friends! She has the most beautiful smile, a caring heart, and some amazing dance skills, which she got to show at her party!

Here are some of our favorites…

DSC_2592DSC_7946DSC_7963DSC_2615DSC_7971DSC_2646DSC_8004DSC_2686DSC_8000DSC_2692DSC_7989DSC_2717DSC_8002DSC_2714DSC_7987DSC_8029DSC_8022DSC_8034DSC_8012DSC_8037DSC_8009DSC_2696DSC_2707DSC_2679DSC_2664DSC_2674DSC_2657DSC_2670DSC_2681DSC_2662All the decorations were traditional and brought from Panama!DSC_8044DSC_8047DSC_8052DSC_8060DSC_8054DSC_8067DSC_8059DSC_2727


To end the night, Alejandra put on the most fascinating outfit ever! At midnight their tradition is to have “la hora loca”. Alejandra put on a beautiful, colorful, and fun outfit and everyone in the party followed her around and danced with her! My heart was filled with joy to see such a special moment.

DSC_3024DSC_3003Thank you Alejandra and family for giving us the privilege to capture your special day through photos and video!

-Meri and Martin

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  1. Hazel Bermudez says:

    Wow Meri you and your husband did such a beautiful job! I’ve seen your other pics of the weddings, but this one by far is my favorite! Good job dude! 👏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWWW Thank you soo much!!!!


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