Ariana Peralta| Portraits

In the Hispanic culture, turning 15 years old is a BIG deal. Turning fifteen means you are no longer a little girl, but now a woman. It’s a special event where family and friends get together to celebrate a new mile stone in the life of a girl.

As I was shooting Ariana’s portraits, the memory of my 15th photos and party came to my mind! I can’t believe I took my quinceañera photos about 9 years ago! I never really put mind to how many years ago that was! Ariana’s session was so important to me because it’s a memory in which years will fly by and only a memory in photos will remain.

Ariana is such a beautiful girl inside out! I don’t know when will she start her modeling career, but I think it should be ASAP! lol …. She looks so stunning in every image that it was just so hard for me to pick a favorite!

Thank you Ariana and family for trusting us with such special portraits!

Ariana 15 Portraits-2 Ariana 15 Portraits-3Ariana 15 Portraits-4Ariana 15 Portraits-5Ariana 15 Portraits-6Ariana 15 Portraits-7Ariana 15 Portraits-8Ariana 15 Portraits-9Ariana 15 Portraits-14Ariana 15 Portraits-15Ariana 15 Portraits-16Ariana 15 Portraits-18Ariana 15 Portraits-19Ariana 15 Portraits-20Ariana 15 Portraits-22Ariana 15 Portraits-23Ariana 15 Portraits-24Ariana 15 Portraits-25Ariana 15 Portraits-26Ariana 15 Portraits-28Ariana 15 Portraits-29Ariana 15 Portraits-30Ariana 15 Portraits-31Ariana 15 Portraits-33Ariana 15 Portraits-34Ariana 15 Portraits

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