Rebekka + Jeysson|Miami, Fl

Rebekka and Jeysson are such beautiful people! From the moment we met and had brunch, we made such a special connection with them! We loved it!

Their love story is so beautiful. They are an amazing example of knowing how to wait for the right person and for the right moment.  They have known each other for about 10 years!!! But in those 10 years they had to wait for a while in order to be together. In the time they were waiting for each other they prayed and served God unconditionally, and truly God gave them the desires of their hearts, for being obideient and patient. Isn’t that beautiful?!

Their engagement session was so much fun! We were sweating bullets, but soooo worth it! I loved how Rebekka was so thoughtful of their outfits! Don’t they look STUNNING?! Their wedding is next year in March and we are soooo excited to be there! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!! (I am just WAY too excited!).

Rebekka and Jeysson, thank you so much for the time you allowed us to spend with you both and to get to know you a little bit more! We are extremely thrilled to witness and be part of your wedding day!

Here’s a few of our favorites!

DSC_5778DSC_5762DSC_5810DSC_5796DSC_9089DSC_9087DSC_5819DSC_5817DSC_5827DSC_5829DSC_9173DSC_5914DSC_9182DSC_9189DSC_9136DSC_6045DSC_9146DSC_9152DSC_9160DSC_9207DSC_5984DSC_9216DSC_9214DSC_9226DSC_9220DSC_6048DSC_6002DSC_9239DSC_9254DSC_6009DSC_6027DSC_6035DSC_9260DSC_6041DSC_6047DSC_6060DSC_6067DSC_6064DSC_6070DSC_6079DSC_6115DSC_6096DSC_6120DSC_6122DSC_6131DSC_9279DSC_9289DSC_9295DSC_6039DSC_9314DSC_9308DSC_9318DSC_9323Thank you Rebekka & Jeysson for allowing us to be part of your journey! We love you guys, can’t wait for the BIG day! (:

-Meri and Martin

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  1. Completely IN LOVE!! You guys have completely blown us away! Thank you so much Meri and Martin for making this an unforgettable memory for us and for making us feel so comfortable the whole time! You guys are awesome!

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