Sharp Family|Orlando, FL

It took me a little while to hit the “publish” button for this specific blog! I am usually extremely desperate to post a new blog and to publish our images, but this week was so rough! I went to work two days out of the week! I’ve been feeling extremely exhausted, the heartburn, the sleepless nights, the back pains, shortness of breath, baby kicking my ribs, and so on! These last few weeks can feel eternal and rough, yet exciting!  We are feeling extremely blessed, excited, and grateful with the arrival of our baby and our new home. Yet, so much is on our minds! We are becoming parents! That is pretty HUGE! But we know God is in control of everything and we are trusting Him fully.

While spending some time with the Sharp family, it made me realize even more how important is family time! How quick time flies, how we can’t stop time, and how we need to enjoy every second while we’re together. Sometimes we are so caught up in the daily routines and forget to realize we haven’t spend quality time with our loved ones.  I loved seeing the Sharp family making this mini family photo shoot not just a photo shoot, but time to spend with their daughters and give them the attention and love they deserve.  I truthfully enjoyed having this beautiful family in front of my camera. It is a blessing to know these images are not just images but they are building unforgettable memories!

Sharp family, thank you so much for trusting me with your family and allowing us to be part of your memories! We are grateful!

Violet, the most beautiful and peaceful 11 week old I’ve seen! She totally put my baby fever to 200 degrees! *sigh*


Such a beautiful 4 year old! Totally should be in a magazine!

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