Jonny + Mailen|Cancun, Mexico

From the moment we met Jonny and Mailen for their engagement session, we made a connection instantly! Their engagement session was great, but their wedding day was simply magical! Their destination wedding took place in Finest Playas Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico.

Martin flew over there the day before the wedding (I couldn’t go since I’m ready to pop… YAY!) … He only went for two days and I was freaking out (lol). I wasn’t freaking out because I was staying, but because I was just so nervous for him hahaha. Martin and I have always shot weddings together and we have an amazing team work system that has allowed us to work quick and give the best of us. I knew he could do it, but I was just thinking about him, he had to do it all by himself! No second shooter, no assistant, nothing! But of course, he had it all planned out and made every second of the wedding day useful. I have to say, I am so proud of him, for working like a champ for about 10 hours straight and still getting beautiful images! (I can brag a little just because he is my husband right?! hahaha)!

Mailen and Jonny had such beautiful details and really thought their wedding through! Her dress was magnificent, her hair style, make up, and just everything was perfection! He was one good looking groom, more than ready to meet his bride and make her a “Mrs”. Just by looking over the images I was able to enjoy this day as if I was there! Mailen and Jonny love each other so much, their love it’s so transparent and genuine! The moment he saw her walking down the aisle, he cried! This touched me so much! Their bridal party was like no other, extremely helpful and SUPER FUN! Everything was just so well planned out! Seriously, a day to always remember!

Mailen and Jonny we hope that every image below allows you remember the feeling, at least just a little bit, of your amazing day! We are truly blessed to have met you both! Thank you so much for making us feel like friends, for welcoming us into your lives. Thank you so much for treating Martin like a king and giving him this opportunity. We are forever grateful!


Such a stunning dress!


I love these mom and bride moments!



What a beautiful gesture for the groom to have a moment with his mom after getting ready!


These are fans they had in each chair for their guest! How cute!


Such a happy groom!!!!


I soooo melted!!!!!


Mr. & Mrs. Sotolongo!!!
Such a favorite!!!!


This is so cute! Jonny’s parents on the left and Mailen’s parents on the right!


Such beautiful bridesmaids!


The most amazing maid of honor! Whom also assisted Martin before she had to get ready! Thank you so much Jesenia!


Are you ready for some gorgeous bride and groom portraits?!


Can’t seem to pick a favorite, but I’m in love with this one!


So simple yet so detailed and beautiful center pieces!



First dance as husband and wife!


Once again Mailen and Jonny, thank you so much for trusting us with one of the most important day of your lives! We are extremely grateful for everything you did for us and giving us the honor to be your wedding photographers! We love you guys!

-Meri and Martin

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