Senior Portraits|Laryssa

I can’t believe I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant when we did this session! I needed to walk and what a better excuse than to do a photoshoot and walk a whole lot! I went into labor 3 days after this, so I’m guessing it worked a little bit? (hahaha)… I will be blogging our birth story when things settle down a little bit more around here! Having a new born baby truly changes EVERYTHING, but for the better! Our baby Mateo brings so much joy to our hearts!

If you didn’t know I love senior portraits! Whether they are college seniors or high school seniors, just brings so much joy to my heart to see our generation accomplishing their goals. This is Laryssa, such a young beautiful soul! We had such a blast doing this senior session with her! I was so pleased to see how comfortable she felt around us. We wish her an amazing, fun, and productive senior year!

Even though, I can’t write a whole lot like I usually do (baby is waking up in about 5 minutes and I have to feed him!!!!) We are so grateful for Laryssa allowing us to be part of such a special accomplishment! I hope you all enjoy the images (;


The lighting was truly showing off! Isn’t she beautiful?!


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