Mateo’s Birth Story| 08.10.2017

I can’t believe I’m blogging our birth story! It was really not in my plans to document this day or to ever blog about it. But this moment was so special Martin couldn’t resist to take his camera and teach my sister how to use the camera in about 15 minutes. I don’t know how she was even able to capture the few images she did. It was such an emotional moment, we were all crying and laughing at the same time.

It’s been 38 days since I gave birth and its all engraved in my memory.

  • August 8th at 11PM I was having contractions (from what I thought it was painful, they felt like STRONG period cramps). The contractions would come and go every five minutes, so we decided to go to the hospital. The nurse said I was only 2cm dilated and need to go walk for 2 hours, and so we did! Martin and I walked for two hours straight and even did stairs. It was so hot and muggy, but all I wanted was to give birth already. At 5AM (after walking 2 hours) I was still at 2cm and I was sent home. When I got home the contractions went away and I was able to catch on some sleep.
  • August 9th at 1PM (my original due date) I had my weekly doctors appointment. I was still at 2cm and I had some contractions but nothing major yet. The doctor said he wasn’t going to induce me because my body seems to be going into labor within 48 hours; so to keep walking!
    • 3PM- We walked the entire mall, when I say the entire mall, I literally mean EVERY single store of the mall. Contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but still nothing major and they weren’t consistent either.
    • 6PM- We went back home and I started jumping on a big exercise ball and also began to do some stretches. Contractions completely went away!
    • 8PM- My family arrives from Miami. My sister brought me some raspberry leaf tea (it’s supposed to help naturally induce the labor). She also guided me to do some other stretches.
    • 9PM- We had dinner and I wanted some sushi, but also ate some Pollo Tropical (I know super weird, but I’m glad I ate that much… that was my last meal before I became a mommy).
    • 9:15PM – STRONG contractions just randomly kicked in!
    • 10:00PM- My mom, dad, sister, Martin, and I went to a park that is 2miles long and we all walked. Contractions were coming every 3-5 mins and they were getting stronger (what I thought was strong)
  • August 10th at 12AM – I decided to take a shower and get some rest. I still had contractions, but I decided to wait more because I didn’t want to be sent home once again. I tried to go to sleep, but that didn’t happened!
    • 1:30AM- Contractions were every 3 minutes and felt stronger. So we headed to the hospital.
    • 2AM- We arrived to the triage room, full of pregnant women. When the nurse was checking my blood pressure, she said that they had no more rooms available and the wait was going to be a long one. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear with the type of contractions I was having! While we were waiting in triage we heard babies crying! Moms were giving birth in the triage rooms, since the labor and delivery rooms were full!
    • 4:30AM- I was finally put in a room with the MOST painful contractions! I lost sense of everything! These pains didn’t feel like period cramps, these pains were like … there’s nothing I can compare them too! That’s how painful it was! Nurse checked me and I was still at 2cm!!!! I was exhausted, hungry, and in the worse pain!
    • 5:30AM- She comes back and tells me I have three options and as she stated 1. “put yourself together and walk for 2 hours.” 2. take two pills for the pain to go away and 3. take morphine. This lady thought I was faking my contractions when clearly the machine was showing how strong my contractions were! We told her, we are not going to walk again because my pain was insanely bad and I couldn’t “put myself together” to walk and I wasn’t going to the morphine. I said give me the two pills, she said if the pain doesn’t go away in an hour then I was in real labor. I knew I was in real labor, these contractions were extremely painful and often! If you happen to know me personally, you know I have a high tolerance for pain! So for me to say it hurts it’s because it HURTS! My body couldn’t take the pain anymore I started shaking, I couldn’t even talk. Clearly this pill did not work, because the contractions were now more often and the pain was stronger. I was in real labor.
    • 6AM- The nurse brings my discharge papers to send me home. Yes, you read that right! She was discharging me because I was “faking” my labor. I was in so much pain I didn’t want to argue, so I signed the papers and Martin asked for a wheel chair because I couldn’t walk. She brings the wheel chair, Martin carries me to the wheel chair, when he picks me up the bed sheets were covered in blood. We told the nurse and she said that’s normal. I don’t know how that is normal and she was still sending me home?! Martin starts rolling the wheel chair and the other nurses in the hallway looked at my nurse and say how is she discharging me if I was clearly in pain. Martin stops the wheel chair and the same nurse offers me morphine again! I said to her no, I don’t want that! She said “sweetie lets go back to the room and let me call your doctor again”.
    • At this point I lost track of time, but she checks me again and says “you’re at 2cm still!” I couldn’t believe it, how can I be in so much pain and still at 2cm?!? She said “but I’m still going to call the doctor and ask him what to do.”
    • 7AM- Four different nurses rush into my room. One grabs my arm and starts putting the IV, the other one starts undressing me to put on the hospital gown, the other one puts gloves on and tells me she’s going to check me, and the other one tells me they are going to admit me. When the other nurse checks me she says “5CM”. I was at 5cm and the other nurse said I was at 2cm not to long ago?!
    • 7:30AM- I was finally put in a labor and delivery room. Contractions were just as strong and I couldn’t take it anymore.
    • 8AM- My doctor arrives to the hospital checks me again and gives me the option to get the epidural. With no strength in my body, I said “yes please!”
    • 8:15AM- I got the epidural
    • 9:00AM- I fell asleep
    • 2:00PM Nurses wake me up I was at 9CM! I felt all this energy and adrenaline just rush to my body! My sister fixes my hair. Martin teaches her how to use our camera!
    • 3:25PM- The nurse starts showing me how to push and we started practicing.
    • 4:00PM- Epidural was running off and contractions were kicking in again! I was at 10cm and it was time to give birth! I pushed with every drop of strength I had in my body, as Martin was holding one of my legs, my sister was feeding me ice chips, and my mother in a corner of the room cheering for me!
  • August 10th 2017 at 5:10PM- The most beautiful baby boy was born!
    • 7PM- We were taken to recovery room
    • 8PM- I fell asleep
    • 10PM- I woke up and was able to eat again!
  • August 12th 2017 at 12PM- We brought our bundle of joy to our home!


I was finally admitted to the labor and delivery! Epidural had kicked in! 


Prayer is ALWAYS a must!
Waking up after a much needed nap!


Contractions kicked in again! Just on time to give birth!


Ready to give birth!
Mateo was born!


I have known Martin for 11 years and I had never seen him cry this much! It was such a beautiful moment.


This was the MOST amazing experience of my life! 


I checked all his little fingers and toes! 


Looking at this photos is making me crying again! 


I completely melted when he opened his eyes and looked straight into my eyes! 


I present to you the most wonderful dad in the universe! 

DSC_9566DSC_9579DSC_9594DSC_9599DSC_9601DSC_9609DSC_9610DSC_9612DSC_9616DSC_9617DSC_9614DSC_9605DSC_9621DSC_9626DSC_9606DSC_9629FullSizeRender 2

Behind the scenes

Documenting this moment is something I don’t regret! I am so grateful for my “birthing team” my husband, my sister, and my mom! They were truly the support and cheerleaders I needed! Mateo Alejandro is now 6 weeks old and our home is filled with abundant joy and love!




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  1. Angie says:

    Congratulations once again Mery!!! The wa you documented every detail was so filed with emotion it moved me to tears!! What a beautiful moment!!
    Very happy for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading Angie ❤


  2. Alexandre Rosero says:

    gunna be the best parents ever, for a fact ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Alexandre!


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