Pregnancy Summary|Maternity Session

I am so excited to finally be sharing this wonderful experience with you guys! Pregnancy is different for all women, but we all say one thing “everything happened so fast!”

Isn’t it amazing what a woman’s body can do in just 40 weeks?!

I didn’t realized how 40 weeks can just fly by like nothing. The forty weeks of pregnancy were an amazing experience! I was four weeks pregnant when we found out we were pregnant.  I don’t know if it has happened to any other women out there, but for some odd reason I knew I was pregnant before the test came out positive. I took the test three times and the first two times they were negative but, something inside of me said: “try next week because you are pregnant!” and the odd feeling that was telling me this, was right! When I finally saw the two pink lines I almost fainted! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Martin and I felt it was the right time, but when this was actually happening… thousands of thoughts came quickly into our heads, but at the same time we felt this overwhelming joy!

At seven weeks pregnant I got all the “not so fun” part of the pregnancy; really bad morning sickness, horrible headaches, body aches, I couldn’t have diary, I was extremely exhausted, and all I wanted to eat was boiled chicken (eww!!!). After seven constant weeks of vomiting, everything went back to normal and I was able to enjoy the pregnancy. Second trimester was great, I slept a lot (oh, how I miss sleeping so much!). Third trimester was great as well, always exhausted, but I couldn’t sleep much since Mateo was much bigger and kicking like a soccer player. I gained 30lbs, I didn’t have much cravings, I made sure I ate healthy and stayed active throughout the whole pregnancy.

My favorite part about being pregnant was feeling Mateo’s kicks! Every single day they put a huge smile on my face, even the times when he would kick my ribs (lol). I sure did enjoy being pregnant, but I am enjoying motherhood hundred times more.

I wanted to post this blog with our maternity photos since July, but man it’s been extremely busy around here! We are so grateful that our amazing friends Kris and Vic captured our maternity photos and like always they were more than what we wanted! So, here are a few of them (:


We are so grateful to God for the healthy pregnancy and baby boy he blessed us with!

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