Ariana & Joseph|Clermont, Fl

About six months ago when we met Ariana and Joseph to talk about their wedding, the thought of a possible hurricane never came to our minds. But who would really think about a possible hurricane while planning a wedding? at least not me! Well, mother nature really surprised us a few weeks ago, with the scary hurricane “Irma”. As we were all preparing our homes or evacuating for such storm, Ariana and Joseph were prepping for their wedding and hurricane! As a bride I would have been panicking, but Ariana was calm and extremely understanding of all the last minute changes and cancellations.

The day of the wedding came and friends, it was a little crazy here at our house. You see, this was the first wedding we were shooting since Mateo was born! As we all know a baby changes EVERYTHING! Thank God our friends Kris and Vic were staying over our house to ride out the hurricane and they helped us with our morning madness. I wasn’t so nervous because we were shooting a wedding just hours before a hurricane, but I was more nervous about being away from Mateo for a few hours. Even though he was staying home with my in laws and I knew he was going to be perfectly fine, I am a first time mom and we usually freak out about anything lol! But thank Jesus it ALL worked out and it ended up being a beautiful day (:

When I say a beautiful day, I truly mean a beautiful day. It was supposed to rain and it didn’t! The lighting was just PERFECT throughout portraits! All the clouds and wind moved in our favor. I was such a happy camper!

Martin and I had an amazing time witnessing such a lovely wedding. We love being around Ariana and Joseph, they are such a sweet and lovely couple. Their love is so strong that not even a hurricane couldn’t come in between them, as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true hahahaha!

Here are a few our favorite moments:







Thank you Joseph and Ariana for choosing us to capture one of the most important and special days of your journey as a marriage!

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