Meet Us

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Hello, friends! We are Meri and Martin Duarte.  We’re so excited that you stopped by! We are a husband and wife team based in Central Florida. We are passionate and committed towards our love for photography. What we love and enjoy the most about photography is that we get the privilege of working with sweet couples and families!

Here’s a few things about us…

  • We love to travel and take road trips, but being at home in pajamas is our favorite thing to do!
  • I enjoy being in the kitchen and making meals from Pinterest and Martin LOVES to eat anything I cook! Talk about the perfect team!
  • Our favorite shows are Friends (of course!), How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things, Arrow, and Jane The Virgin … We love Netflix!
  • Martin loves pizza like a fat kid loves cake!
  • I could eat sushi all day every day!
  • I can basically quote Mean Girls at least twice a day! I actually knows the Jingle Bell Rock dance from the movie!
  • Martin is an only child and maybe that’s why he loves being around children!
  • Martin was born in Argentina and moved to the US when he was 9 years old
  • I was born in Nicaragua and my dad is from Cuba. I have moved and lived in way too many countries, states, and cities.. that deserves a blog itself!
  • Apart from being photographers, I am a teacher and Martin is a sound technician and musician.
  • We have a sweet baby boy! Most insta-stories are all about him, he has seriously flipped our world upside down!
  • Romeo and Einstein are our two fur babies, whom we love so much!
  • Jesus is the center of our little family and number one priority in everything they do!